Image of widespread protest in Lagos.

On the 1st of October, Nigerians around the world celebrated the country’s 60th anniversary of independence from British colonial rule. I watched many people post a combination of “Happy Independence Day” posts, celebrating all things Nigerian — the food, the music, the art: everything that makes Nigeria as a whole, the best. Two weeks later, there was a burst of posts under the hashtag “EndSARS”. Attached were images of police officers abusing Nigerian youth, people protesting and a call to action from Nigerians globally. On Twitter, Nigerian-British actor John Boyega posted a series of tweets in support of the protests.

The “new normal” that we are living in has pushed those in the creative industry, both new and old to come up with innovative ways to continue making content.

Photo taken by Eric Mok on Unsplash

“We’ve always had a seat at the table”

This is what Solange Knowles said in an interview with NPR Music, in response to her 2016 album “A Seat at the Table”. The idea of a metaphorical ‘table’ of opportunity and being able to have a named place-card, is a system of thinking that often dominates many creative sectors. Whether it’s the music, art or writing: the premise is built on finally…

H.E.R. Vol 1.

We all have that one song, or songs, that we treat as a backdrop to our lives. When you’re sitting in the backseat on a long car journey, looking out of the window, carefully following the lulling pitter-patter of rain against the glass. And of course trying to sneakily mouth the words, pretending to be in a music video. Yes. We have all done it, and if you haven’t, you’re missing out.

I thoroughly enjoy using music to narrate my own story. Where I, the protagonist, go through real-life situations, trying to figure out where my story starts and where…

Gabriella Nkom

Writer and Storyteller.

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